Search for Simplicity (ii)

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Disrupt My Growth Hacker Pivot

Siasto’s Discussion module is one of our most popular features with its simple and seamless email integration. At Siasto HQ, we find ourselves discussing various topics, from Y Combinator's impact on the US economy to what our friends at Ballou PR are up to.

However, in recent weeks we have found ourselves increasingly vexed by startup jargon and how needlessly complex it is. Before startup jargon, there was investment banking jargon and, dare we say it, Silicon Valley has slid down the same slippery slope to that consultancy inferno. We decided to pick our three current favorites:


In certain corners of Santa Clara county, one can’t walk a few feet without overhearing the siren calls of these clandestine plots - yet another ‘disruption’ abound.

Hunched in the shadows of the sombre oaks lining the silicon alleys - hatching schemes to rise up against incumbent feudal tech lords. With the explosion of graduate businesses courses over the last half century and the arms race for schools and professors to carve a niche for themselves, there has been an exponential spiral of jargon emanating from the bowels of business schools. The telephone and the world wide web pale in comparison to selling slightly cheaper t-shirts. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away...disruption was simply called new competition....



The term ‘pivot’ has now permanently entered the global lexicon as evidenced by President Barack Obama’s foreign policy shift towards the Pacific.

Eric Ries, the creator of the Lean Startup methodology popularized the term and it now seems one can pivot into anything. I can only imagine the venerable founders of Nokia brainstorming in their fin de siècle Finnish offices about their pivot from rubber galoshes to smartphones. Siasto may yet pivot from elegant project management software to 3D printing fundawear. Stay tuned...


Growth Hacking

What does this mean? I think it used to be called growing a business...but I can’t be sure...can I get a crowdsource?

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