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Hey gang!

Today we're going to cover one of the most exciting and useful new features in Siasto: the activity feed! We'll show you how the activity feed makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your team.


Although Siasto has always had activity feeds of some sort, they never quite lived up to our expectations. We had always planned on making improvements, and to that end we've been collecting your feedback and ideas for months.

In recent weeks, we've seen larger and larger teams join Siasto, and with them has come a unique set of challenges. For example, larger teams tend to have more projects, and it can be difficult to keep track of what's going on if you have to open hundreds of projects to do so.

We wanted to build something that could solve this problem and more. We wanted to make collaboration across team members and projects easier than ever. And it turns out that revamping the activity feed was the best way to accomplish this.

The New Activity Feed

In the past, activity feeds lived within the projects themselves: In order to see what was happening in a project, you actually had to open that project.

While we haven't done away with the activity feeds within projects, we've introduced a completely new global activity feed! To find this new feed, simply navigate to your team page and click the "Activity" link. As you may have guessed, you'll be able to comfortably see what's happening on across all of your projects, whether they number in the tens, the hundreds, or the thousands.

Rich, Interactive Stories

In addition to adding a new global feed, we've also made some drastic improvements to the feeds themselves. Gone are the days of a boring, unreadable list of actions that all look the same. The new feeds are optimized for readability and interaction, so it's easy to pick out what's important and reply.

Just by scrolling through the feed, you'll see exactly what your colleagues have been working on: the files they've uploaded, the tasks they've started and completed, the events they're planning, the discussions they're having, and more.

All of this information is grouped together into related chunks ("stories"), which you can fully interact with. For example, you can comment on a story directly from the feed, which has the same effect as commenting on a task, file, or discussion directly. You can even mark tasks as complete or incomplete.

There's also a status bar at the top of the feed that makes it easy for you to start a discussion with your team.

Stronger Collaboration, New Interactions

Scrolling down the global activity feed is a great way to participate passively and stay in sync with your team. We strongly recommend setting your Siasto bookmark directly to the feed, so it'll be the first thing you see when you log in every day.

If you're part of a large team, browsing the activity feed can expose you to conversations deep within your organization that you may not have known were taking place. You'll find that team members who otherwise may never have interacted will become privvy to and able to help solve each other's challenges.

The activity feed also makes it easier for distributed teams to work together. Given an up-to-date feed of everything your team is doing, you can keep everyone on the same page regardless of time zones without having to send constant updates back-and-forth via IM or email.

All of this can happen without you having to lift a finger, because the activity feed is also automatically populated as your team goes about its normal workflow.

We're confident that the activity feed will make Siasto more useful for everyone. And from what we've seen, those of you who've already had access to it seem to agree.

We'd love to hear your feedback and stories about how the feed changes the way you work. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!


Nice addition to this great product! Talking about feeds, do you plan to add to this "activity feed" a RSS ou Atom link, so that we could follow it from Google reader for instance? Dropbox does this and it is pretty useful sometimes! :)

? Jean-Rémi Massery

Thanks Jean-Rémi - we'll have to look into adding an RSS feed for the activity feed, it's a great suggestion!

? Niccolo Pantucci

I don't understand the difference between posting something as a discussion in the discussion tab (which has to be to a specific person) and just posting it in the "activity" tab to nobody in particular. When posted to "nobody" in particular, all the members of the project get an email alert. When posted to a specific person, that person gets an email alert, and so does everyone else. (We tested it and that is what happened)

John DuQuette

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