How To Sustain Enthusiasm In Your Project

Niccolo Pantucci · · Comment

Recently at Siasto, we've been talking to a few of the teams that use us for their collaboration and project management and we've been trying to figure out what pain points they have. Interestingly, something that has come up a lot is: sustaining enthusiasm!

That being the case, we thought we'd compile a few ideas about how you can keep your team motivated, even when projects are long and require a lot of focus!

At the beginning of projects everyone is fired up and ready to go, but as problems begin to appear enthusiasm can wane. Don't worry it's normal! So start planning for how you'll keep everyone excited. One of our users said: "well it's simple, just pay people more". Well for the rest of us, who cannot afford that luxury, below you can find a few techniques to keep your team motivated and enthusiastic.

So here's a list in no particular order:

  • Don't hound or hover
  • Don't hover around people, and try to keep them motivated by breathing down their neck. Most often people will have a team leader who they report to anyway, not the project manager, so you'll only create another layer of bureaucracy!

  • Plan phases and milestones
  • Make sure to plan milestones within your project. Not only to break them up, but so there can be clear points of achievement. This will also allow you to set up awards for the completed phase of the project, and keep people excited about working together. You should also organize a 'kick-off' meeting or celebration at a separate time, so that everyone gets to discuss the upcoming project as well, but without feeling like you are 'buttering' people up. And even though you are, it won't be quite so obvious!

  • Awards
  • We mentioned this above, but it's worth thinking how and when you will award people. A good way to give awards is in front of people's team leaders, or direct supervisor. This will have the double benefit of making the person motivated on the project, but also will encourage them to do more great work because their boss will witness it!

  • Contests
  • The title says it all! Create small contests within your project team, to see who completes the most tasks in a week, or in a month. This will give people a fun competition to take part in, that is motivating to complete the project or next phase.

  • Other ideas
  • By having a positive attitude towards all the problems you face, and keeping an open communication with your project team, everyone will feel a positive sense of camaraderie. By encouraging creativity as well, and contributions from everyone, team members will be more willing to go beyond their simple tasks, and help others to complete theirs even.


    The biggest challenge you'll often have as a project manager beyond organization and scheduling, is keeping people motivated. So focus on making the organization and scheduling as easy as possible, so you can make sure the other members of your project team are focused on their contribution, and nothing else.

    For the organization and scheduling you can use the very attractive and great looking Siasto, but for everything else I hope some of the suggestions above will help!

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