Five Ways To Collaborate Better

Niccolo Pantucci · · Comment

In this post I want to discuss some key techniques for better collaboration in your team.

At Siasto we take collaboration very seriously, as you can imagine(!), and so we wanted to write down our five main tips for better collaboration in your team and company.

  • Brainstorming
  • This is the first, and often the most crucial part of any collaborative effort. Brainstorming sessions are critical for team building, communication, they can help expose cross-disciplinary skills, and uncover fresh insights. Your main tools will be: your voices, a whiteboard, some sugar (if it's the afternoon), and a sense of humor!

  • Communication Communication Communication
  • Once the exciting part of the brainstorming session is over, take a picture of what has been agreed on the whiteboard, and begin your work. This does not mean you should all then retire to your cave, and stop communicating. You will need to have an established method of staying in sync with each other. Often people like to use a chat forum, instant messenger, or a project manager. This will help to keep people up to speed with developments in the shared goal, and any further insights along the way.

  • Goal Sharing, and Responsibility
  • Once all the lines of communication have been well established, and brainstorming is complete, it's time to plan your project! Who is going to do what, and who should be involved. Goal sharing, task sharing, role sharing, and information sharing are all key to developing interdependence. There should also be clear areas of responsibility, so that no one will be able to hide behind others work.

  • Execution
  • No, not that kind! DO NOT EXECUTE ANY TEAM MEMBERS. Make sure everyone is delivering their tasks and deliverables on time, and work together to complete tasks. This allows the team a way of knowing the status of a project. It also allows your team members to feel they are part of a group effort, and so will be motivating to keep up their end of the bargain, and helping others will be naturally desirable.

  • Team Building
  • One of the central tenants of collaborating better is the team building aspect. By building a strong team of people who enjoy each other's company, there will be benefits both for the individual members of the team, and the company. If team members know each others strengths and how people work together, collaboration will be easier and more intuitive. A team that collaborates well is one that moves together, and knows each others strengths.


    Working within a framework like the one I have outlined above is a great way to make sure you are benefiting from your entire team. For several of the points I highlighted, a project collaboration tool like Siasto is a great way of communicating with your team, assigning responsibilities, and knowing what has been completed.

    I hope this has been helpful so in the future when you are working on a collaborative piece of work or project, you'll remember go through this mental checklist!

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