Criticube: A Siasto Champion!

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Querido Siasto Users!

We wanted to give you an up close and personal with one of our other loyal fans, and share one of their success stories with Siasto.

So last week we caught up with Rama, the CEO of Criticube, a platform for organizing, sharing, and discovering facts and references; and we talked about some of the uses and efficiencies his team have seen seeing since moving to Siasto.

Here is the happy team (probably) using Siasto!


Siasto: Who are you? What do you do? Where are you based?

Rama: Criticube enables you to enlighten yourself and others by sharing knowledge in a social and interactive way. We are located in the Netherlands and have a strong international focus.

Siasto: Before you used Siasto, what did you guys use for collaboration and tasks and project management?

Criticube: Before managing our projects in Siasto, we used a number of different platforms. We were still very much in a planning and exploration stage of how best to manage and interact within the entire team. We used Dropbox to share documents, Asana to keep track of tasks, Facebook for general discussions and Google Drive to collaborate on documents from a distance.

Naturally, it became quite a tiresome and messy task to connect discussions to files or tasks, while simultaneously ensuring that everyone was kept up to date. As the team expanded we were in major need of a more integrated and overseeable approach to project management.

Siasto: How did Siasto help you solve some of these difficulties?

Criticube: By choosing to move forward with Siasto we were able to integrate all the different elements we were struggling to oversee; file sharing, discussions and tasks. What’s more, we were able to keep using the platforms that we had become so familiar with; Siasto’s Dropbox and Google Drive integration works like a charm. We can easily link any document to a Siasto project, and discuss the required improvements.

What is particularly user-friendly about the Siasto approach is that you can view discussions alongside a open document - no more switching between endless windows!

As an extra bonus, we realised that since using Siasto, we have barely had to use our email accounts for internal communication! Instead, we simply kick-start a dedicated discussion within the most relevant project file on Siasto and team members can easily follow the progress and join in the discussion whenever they want.

Siasto: Why is Siasto important for the workplace?

Criticube: Siasto has become the nexus of information flow within our company for two major reasons.

Firstly, we can all see what’s going on, who is working on what, when we can expect things to be done, and what discussions have formed around specific projects or tasks. As a close knit startup team with limited capacity, this overseeability in a singular platform is crucial, as it allows us to collaborate and support each other in all aspects of the company.

Secondly, Siasto is an ideal hub to keep files organized by complementing - instead of replacing - file sharing platforms. It acts as an organized ‘social layer’ to Google Docs/Drive and Dropbox. It is comparable to how Facebook is used to share Youtube videos.

Siasto: When was Siasto particularly valuable?

Criticube: We have had a lot of meetings where different ideas, new tasks and new functionality came to light. However, after each meeting we had the daunting task of translating the meetings into actionables and making sure everyone was able to remember the numerous new tasks assigned to them. This never really seemed to go all to well and would often lead to a reduction in the momentum we had gained during the meeting. To counter the effects of this challenge, we created a project folder called ‘Meetings’, which is solely dedicated to keeping track of minutes in a very action oriented way.

Now, instead of writing general minutes, our minutes have become task oriented and every team member is then able to translate their own tasks from the minutes into their project folder. This has proven to be a very effective and productive method and we no longer have to worry about our moments of creativity being lost in a paper trail.

Thanks Criticube!

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