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Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and email. Lots and lots of email.

If you're anything like me, you keep your inbox open all day every day, just so you can keep up with the constant deluge of email. Even if the rest of your life is well-organized, your inbox is likely a gigantic mix of to-dos, assignments, requests, invitations, and information. Who wants to spend hours a day trying to sort everything out? Not us, and (we're betting) not you, so we decided to do something about it:

Siasto in Your Inbox

What you're looking at is called a "Gmail contextual gadget". It's Siasto in your inbox, and it's the key to drastically simplifying your email life.

First things first: If you and your team use Google Apps, you should go get this right now! It will only take a couple of clicks to add it to your Google Apps account, and you'll probably want to play around with it ASAP (while continuing to read this blog post, of course).

I'll give you a moment.


Got it?

No really, it will take you 15 seconds. Click here and get the gadget!


Okay, great.

If you're using it by now, you can already tell how the gadget works. It simply adds three buttons to the bottom of your emails: Add Task, Schedule Event, and Create Document. So if you get an email with valuable information about a project you're working on, you can quickly turn it into a document inside of that project on Siasto. Without having to open Siasto. Directly from your inbox.

In other words, you'll always be one click away from taking action on your email:

Create Task

Gone are the days when emails would sit in your inbox, waiting to be painstakingly categorized or forgotten altogether. The Siasto gadget is effectively a bridge that connects your email to the rest of your world. It doesn't get any easier or any faster than this.

We've been using the gadget extensively for the past couple weeks, and it's made a tremendous difference. There's something liberating about being able to open up your email to a clean inbox.

Try it out and tell us what you think!


As a user who don't use Google Apps, is there any way for me to try out Siasto?

? Victor

Definitely -- anyone can use Siasto! Just sign up from our home page, or click the "Sign Up" link in the top-right corner of the blog. The only thing limited to Google Apps users is this particular gadget.

Courtland Allen

Awesome! Thanks for your help.

? Victor

Hmm, it was the gadget I was looking for. This particular gadget made it look very simple but to manually enter everything doesn't feel quite as fast compered to open up Google Calendar or something like that.

? Victor

We've asked the guys at Google if they plan to allow for gadgets in normal Gmail (not just Google Apps), but so far no good. We'll definitely make another post if that's ever the case!

Courtland Allen

We also integrate with Google Calendar, meaning if you use Siasto's GCal Sync you can then have all your events in one place, Siasto task due dates as well.

? Niccolo Pantucci

Great work Courtland & Nic. This is such a good bridge!

? Joel Parker Henderson

You should add start dates for tasks. It is best practice to allow filtering out future tasks and reduce a focus on due dates as most tasks don't have due dates. If I had to view all my tasks and the arbitrary due dates, clearing my inbox would just create an unmanageable task list. search for MYN and Linenberger for more.

? Troy

Siasto randomly appeared on all of my emails this morning. How do I remove it from my gmail account?

? Samantha

Can't there be a taskforce like widget for us users without Google Apps account?

? Basit Ali

Please email us if you have problems - no Gmail widget unfortunately :-(

? Niccolo Pantucci

+1 for Gmail integration! (when Google finally allows...)

? Random Web user

Hi Guys It looks like a great product. I am just worried that you will ignore support as you are ignoring all my efforts to get support for the great TaskForce product. I have emailed you many times. Even after I bought TaskForce. No response at all. Let's see if you will talk to me now.

? Johan

Absolutely a great bridging gadget! I will wait however, until it's available to vanilla-gmail account

rene ylanan

Definitely great product, but would really love to see a way to import the full details + attachments of the e-mails we're converting into a task or a document. Else we'd have to copy and paste the e-mail again costing us time and money.


? Armando

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