5 Tips To Make You More Efficient

Niccolo Pantucci · · Comment

As you can imagine, at Siasto we take efficiency pretty seriously! That being said, there are many more general tips for helping you making your day as productive and efficient as possible. Below we'll discuss five of our top tips!

  1. Organization and Planning
  2. Prepare a to-do list for your day. Include all the things you'd like to complete, and the things you must complete. Star the three most important, and tackle those first. Make sure you stick to your list throughout the day. Do this early in your day, and it will get you in the mood to start working.

  3. Block Time
  4. Organize your day into periods of time. Emails and social networks can be very distracting, so unless something is an emergency, try to stick to time blocks, e.g. 1 hour email time, 2 hours paper work. The Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s is an extreme version of this, where you do blocks of work in 25 minutes stints, and then take 5 minute breaks, during which you can do anything. Generally though, by noting particularly time is devoted to given tasks, and avoiding distractions, should help you be more efficient.

  5. Use Technology!
  6. There are so many great products now, including smart phones and tablets that allow you to be productive almost anywhere. Take advantage of that flexibility. You don't need to be chained to your desk to get work done, so take advantage of the extra time new technology affords you.

  7. Create Processes
  8. When tackling tasks and to-do's, get into the habit of working through them in a similar process. Once you have got rid of the hassle of building a structure for your to-do's you will find it easier to execute them.

  9. Public Tasks/To-Do's
  10. By having a public list of what you will be doing during any given day, you will feel an additional social pressure to complete your tasks. This does not mean post them on facebook, but rather have a way of sharing them with your colleagues, and teammates, so you will feel some sense of urgency to complete your tasks, by the end of the day.


There are numerous other techniques that we've heard in the past, so we won't list them here, but one that is overlooked is: take a break always be sure to take a moment to get a glass of water, make a cup of tea, or call a friend. It will help re-energize you to continue with you day.

We hope these have been useful, if you have any suggestions please include them below.

For a few of the above mentioned techniques, Siasto can prove an excellent aid. For task creation, shareable task lists, and prioritizing what must be done today Siasto can be your best friend! Unfortunately though, for making tea, you are still on your own!

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